Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm Back!

Well, after reading through facebook memories about my blog for the past week I decided that I need to start blogging again.

If you know me personally then you might know that I lack motivation. I think it's a big reason why I'm not Slytherin even though much of my personality qualifies me. I lack ambition, I'm content to just laze about , never working toward a goal. I despise the word goal. Well. Well, I figure I should probably work on changing that about me. So here we go.

I'm not jumping off the deep end in any way but I do want to have a blog again that I regularly update. That's one goal.

I joined the gym. So there is another goal I am working towards. I'm sick of being as overweight as I am. I don't want to be stick thin but these size 20 jeans are really aggravating to me anymore. I would even be happy to just be a size 16 at this point.


To start reading actual books instead of Harry Potter fanfiction. Yeah... that's another goal.

In my defense, these fanfics deserve to be considered books. Bow down to fanfic writers cause man, some of these fics are 50 chapters long and these authors are not getting paid for their time and tears that they put into it. Have you hugged a fanfic writer today?

So I think this is how it will work.

I will review books. I will review fanfics. I will post life updates, including weight loss updates.

I don't have a schedule. I have twins. Scheduling went out the window the day they came home from the hospital. Once I get in the swing of things I MIGHT get a loose schedule down but for now prepare to be surprised.

I'm reading fanfics throughout this week so I can vote on a contest on a facebook group but I also logged into my poorly neglected netgalley and I am going to have a goal of one book a week on my kindle. Well, kindle on my ipad. And ideally a few books for my kids as well.

Which reminds me, I will be reviewing children's books too. Not children's books like middle grade or anything, books for my toddlers.

Ok, I think that's it for now. Check back soon, I hope to have a post up by midweek.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Twin's First Birthday Party!

Hi everyone! I have had a busy few days recently and FINALLY have some down time to post. Asher and Arabella's first birthday party was yesterday and I wanted to some pictures!

Our cupcake cake. Can you believe there are cupcakes under there? It was delicious. Made at our local Giant Eagle bakery. We got two free smash cakes also but didn't take any pictures of them that didn't involve the babies smashing them.

My handsome fiance on the right and his brother on the right. They are 23 months apart and so many people think they are twins. Tom (my fiance) is older. 

They totally surprised me with the smash cakes. Asher who is our more "in your face" baby was so dainty with his cake! Meanwhile, Arabella, otherwise known as Miss Sensitive, went all out with hers.

Arabella looking back at me to make sure I was watching her enjoy the cake. Asher is quite unsure of what is going on.

Me, demonstrating how Asher was poking the cake with one finger, testing it out. Arabella starting to really dig in.

No idea what I am doing here. Asher getting more into it and Arabella starting to make a very impressive beard of icing.
Daddy and his baby girl before the cake smashing occurred.

It was a small yet perfect party with everyone that mattered to us there other than a few who had very good reasons for missing.

The older kids, Thomas and Novaleigh looking picture perfect with my fiance's aunt's yorkie.

The birthday babies hanging out in the grass enjoying everyone's attention.

At the end of the day the party was great. Everyone had a great time, we avoided any major meltdowns, the twins for some awesome new toys and we got a TON of diapers. Already looking forward to planning the next party.

What did you go for your baby's first birthday? Did you go all out with an over the top party? Have a themed out family party? Or have a more intimate, small party? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Intro Post

Hi Guys!
Now that I have a laptop of my own I am doing the blog thing again. I used to have a YA book blog called Lost in YA Wonderland. I loved running it but after giving birth to twins (!) a year ago I lost time to read and in the rare occasion that I could read, I no longer had time to review the books. On top of that I have not had my own computer for two years now. But I finally got my fiance to buckle under my constant nagging and now I have a shiny red refurbished Dell laptop. I'm still trying to get him to get me kindle again. One day...

Anyway, this is me.
The adorable girl next to me is my beautiful 6 year old daughter. She's so smart and has the prettiest spiral curly hair. I love her to death. 

That's my fiance, Tom, and his son Thomas. Thomas is 4. We have custody of him on weekends. He is the spitting image of his dad.

Those gorgeous babies are my boy/girl twins Asher Grayson and Arabella Juliette. They just turned a year old and they make my life so beautiful. I love being their mommy. They keep me busy and on my toes but even when I am ready to rip me hair out and jump out the window one smile and I melt immediately.

Before conceiving the twins (naturally, for you nebnoses out there) I lost a baby at 18 weeks pregnant. He was boy and we named him Elliot Michael. His birthday is May 30, 2012. One day we hope to get married on his birthday so we can turn a day that, for me, can be very sad and make it a celebration.

What is this blog for? Well for one, I want to get back to reviewing books. My email is FULL of emails asking me to review books but with my old blog being out of commission for so long I just decided to start a new one. Other than that I want to share my experiences in life in general. I am a member of many many survey panels and sites like Smiley 360 and BzzAgent, so I want to share my experiences with the products that I sample from those sites as well. I'm a stay at home mom who is trying to bring in money is any way possible so when I find something that works I will share it here.

Well that covers the Mother and Reader part of my blog title. As far the dreamer part goes? Well, there are days when I miss Elliot and just want to write about my experiences being two years out from a loss. Also, my biggest dream is to be an author one day so I might be posting different things about writing and ideas for my novels. I have no one to bounce ideas off of so I'm not looking for reviewer yet as the novel is not even a quarter finished, just people to bounce ideas off of, etc. But we will get to that eventually.

I will try to post here regularly. It depends on nap schedules and bedtimes, pretty much. Or how long it takes for twins to wolf down a hot dog and some animal crackers at lunch time. I look forward to starting this journey with a new blog. Hope you enjoy it too!
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