Saturday, August 23, 2014

Twin's First Birthday Party!

Hi everyone! I have had a busy few days recently and FINALLY have some down time to post. Asher and Arabella's first birthday party was yesterday and I wanted to some pictures!

Our cupcake cake. Can you believe there are cupcakes under there? It was delicious. Made at our local Giant Eagle bakery. We got two free smash cakes also but didn't take any pictures of them that didn't involve the babies smashing them.

My handsome fiance on the right and his brother on the right. They are 23 months apart and so many people think they are twins. Tom (my fiance) is older. 

They totally surprised me with the smash cakes. Asher who is our more "in your face" baby was so dainty with his cake! Meanwhile, Arabella, otherwise known as Miss Sensitive, went all out with hers.

Arabella looking back at me to make sure I was watching her enjoy the cake. Asher is quite unsure of what is going on.

Me, demonstrating how Asher was poking the cake with one finger, testing it out. Arabella starting to really dig in.

No idea what I am doing here. Asher getting more into it and Arabella starting to make a very impressive beard of icing.
Daddy and his baby girl before the cake smashing occurred.

It was a small yet perfect party with everyone that mattered to us there other than a few who had very good reasons for missing.

The older kids, Thomas and Novaleigh looking picture perfect with my fiance's aunt's yorkie.

The birthday babies hanging out in the grass enjoying everyone's attention.

At the end of the day the party was great. Everyone had a great time, we avoided any major meltdowns, the twins for some awesome new toys and we got a TON of diapers. Already looking forward to planning the next party.

What did you go for your baby's first birthday? Did you go all out with an over the top party? Have a themed out family party? Or have a more intimate, small party? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Happy birthday Twin! Planning an event is quite difficult if we are not well versed with the choice of other person. But still I managed to surprise my uncle's birthday and retirement party falling on same day. Aunt helped me a lot in finalizing one of the alluring event venues Chicago with caterers as well as baker. Cake cutting ceremony was out of the world.


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